Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alright, I've Had Enough For Real.

This has been the worst week in Wisconsin sports ever. Even when we lost the NFC Championship earlier this year, that was only one team. This week we've had the Favre drama coupled with the Brewers tanking in Miller Park against the Cubs. I mean, this has just been awful.

If you care about Favre, apparently the Packers offered him $20 million to stay home, even though his agent James Cook says he could be in Green Bay on Friday (I am refusing to call him James "Bus" Cook. James or Bus. Pick one).

No more Favre stuff until he steps into an NFL camp.


Anonymous said...

FAVRE TO JETS! FAVRE TO JETS! at least thats what pft is saying the press gazette said. god get him out of here.

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