Sunday, February 8, 2009

Detroit Downs Depleted Deer

What happens when you're set to play a team that is depleted as they are missing three of their starters due to injuries? You feast your eyes and rack up on career milestones, that's what. Rip Hamilton set a record for a Pistons player coming off the bench with 38 points. Rasheed Wallace had a career high six three pointers. Even Ramon Sessions got in the act, scoring 44 points while replacing Luke Ridnour.

All these stats may have been sexy, but the bottom line is the Bucks lost again, losing 126-121 in overtime to the Pistons.

Now, I'm still going to be watching these games, and hopefully I can find myself at the Bradley Center before season's end, but there's no denying that it's over. No matter how much of an effort the remaining healthy Bucks will give, it's not going to be enough. It's just not going to be enough.

It was still close though, which kind of makes this that more difficult to swallow. The Bucks were up one with 46 seconds left to go in overtime after Sessions hit a couple of free throws to give the Bucks their final lead of the night. Keith Bogans, fresh to the Milwaukee scene, had the chance to re-take the lead but missed a 15-footer with just 15 seconds to play. Another heartbreaking loss for a team that has already been through enough this season.

Player O' Game: Sessions.

And, because I'm tired, the Badgers won.


Anonymous said...

And to think the Bucks had just gotten through the toughest half of their schedule in pretty decent shape! Now all these injuries. Well at least Skiles, Hammond & Co. made things interesting for awhile. Look for them to dump Richard Jefferson's contract later this season as they continue to reshape the "payroll flow" of this team. In a couple years the Bucks will be in very good shape, although by that time they might be in Kansas City!

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