Tuesday, February 3, 2009

8th Seed Tightens After Bucks Loss To Nets

Well in a previous post today Winks mentioned the fact that this could be a "good one", sarcastically of course, and he was pretty much dead on. No Bogut, No Redd, no chance really. Not only that but they dropped a game to the New Jersey Nets who are on the heels of Milwaukee (24-28) for that 8th spot. Milwaukee now holds only a 1/2 game lead over NJ and NY.

It was a pretty rough game from the onset, with the exception of starting off the 4th quarter on an 8-0 run to cut the lead to 4. Just as quickly the Bucks started the 4th, the Nets then pulled away and went on to win easily for 99-85.

The Bucks are now 0-5 without Redd and Bogut. I really liked the signing of Elson, he is a great energy guy off the bench and effective with a max of 15 minutes. I don't like when the Bucks are forced to play him 23 minutes and play Danny G and Elson a combined 41+ minutes. Thats never going to be good. If this Andrew Bogut back situation is really season ending, then Bucks will be borderline unwatchable.

Richard Jefferson led the way with 27 points, Sessions added 19 and CV had 11 points and hardly played in the second half. The Bucks did allow Vince Carter to get another triple-double, so thats nice.

The thing that bugs me the most with this season, is that Herb Kohl is continuously losing money on Milwaukee. It is imparative that the Bucks get to the playoffs and reenvigorate the fan base. Say what you want about Kohl, he is the sole reason why the Milwaukee Bucks are still in Milwaukee. He has been taking it on the chin for years, I swear that wasn't meant to be a joke, and continues to lose his own money for the franchise he loves. Unfortunately, if he gets sick of losing money he could sell. The Bradley Center sucks and there is no way the city of Milwaukee will spring for a new arena anytime soon. I just feel like this is becoming a slippery slope.

I know I tend to get wishy-washy about the state of the Bucks relative to how they are playing. I write these recaps right after the game so I'm usually still feeling good about a win or mad about a loss. I write for a blog people so cut me some slack, I know its kind of annoying.

Getting Hammond, Skiles, and bringing in Jefferson and Ridnour to gel with Redd, Bogut and CV was meant to bridge the gap, become a playoff team get the city excited. Then once the bad contracts were gone, money would be spent to rev up the Bucks into a perennial contender. However much that seems like a pipe dream, that was the goal. If Bogut goes down and the Bucks begin to ship out players like Redd, CV or Jefferson what does it tell our fans. Sorry, but this team doesn't have the time and the leeway to build up over 4-5 years like Portland has done and Oklahoma City is currently doing. Infact my biggest fear is that we go the OKC route and in 5 years Milwaukee will be the St. Louis River Boats, Cincinnati Flyers, Seattle Sonics or Birmingham Dragons.

Rant over.

Milwaukee tries to get back on track at home on Saturday 7:30 pm against an equally reeling Detroit Pistons.

TBC's Buck of the Game: Richard Jefferson

(AP Photo By Bill Kostroun)


Winks said...

Love your headline, makes it seem like the Bucks actually still have a chance to make the playoffs.

Thanks for doing these, as always.

Unknown said...

Bucks recap after each game is hands down the best column on this site. Don't worry Winks, Winks Thinks is a close second.

Stock Lemon said...

Don't forget about The Lemmy Channel!

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