Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weeks Avoids Arbitration

Rickie Weeks wanted $2.8 million, the Brewers wanted to give him $2 million. Tuesday, they settled just a little over the average of the figures, as Weeks was signed to a one-year deal worth $2.45 millions plus incentives. Maybe arbitration does work, after all.

This year is pretty much make or break for Rickie, who apparently has all this potential he is supposed to live up to. Weeks' upside has been one of the things working most in his favor, as he continues to unimpress with his rough infield play and .245 lifetime batting average. I wouldn't have minded seeing the swap for Brian Roberts last season, but looks like Weeks is our for another year. Until he finally delivers at the end of this season and then bolts to the AL East.

This leaves Corey Hart as the only member of the Brewers yet do be signed. The difference between the numbers is $1.1 million, so this one will probably go to an arbitration hearing on February 18th. But then again, Melvin has never had to go to a hearing as the GM of the Brewers, so we'll see.


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