Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Projected 25-Man Brewers Roster

We're going with gut feelings as I try to predict what the Brewers roster might look like in 2009. Basically, I think Macha and Melvin are going to go with their veterans for Opening Day, and then bring up guys like Gamel and Escobar as the season progresses. Here's a look:

Starting Pitchers - Yovani Gallardo, Manny Parra, Dave Bush, Braden Looper, Jeff Suppan

Barring an injury, this is the starting five the Crew is going with on day one. Don't listen to what Macha is saying right now, Gallardo will start Opening Day. Suppan will probably anchor the rotation, unless he really has an impressive camp, or Macha decides to use him as the "ace" for some reason like he is in camp.

Relief Pitchers - Trevor Hoffman, Carlos Villanueva, David Riske, Seth McClung, Mitch Stetter, Todd Coffey, Jorge Julio

The first four are set in stone, and I think Stetter easily wins the role Shouse occupied last season. Todd Coffey meant too much to the Brewers last season for them not to give him a shot, while Julio fills out the 12-man pitching staff Macha has said he's going with. Edward Morlan will not make the roster and will be sent back to Tampa Bay, big deal. Tim Dillard gets some work in AAA, while Eric Gagne will go to Nashville as well. Gagne will be the first one called up when the Brewers need to replace a bullpen arm, and will be a key contributor to the Brewers this season.

Catchers - Jason Kendall, Mike Rivera

Mikey is going to get a lot more playing time this season, which is fine with me. He's the better hitter of the two. Salome will be up eventually, but will get a little work in Nashville.

First Basemen - Prince Fielder, Brad Nelson

I see them keeping Brad Nelson on board to spell Prince and be the fifth outfielder. Nelson is probably my least confident selection on this roster I've made.

Second Basemen - Rickie Weeks, Hernan Iribarren

Iribarren gets the call if Hall needs to start on the 15-Day DL, which he does in my scenario. Otherwise it's back to Nashville, a town he's growing very familiar with.

Shortstop - J.J. Hardy

Third Basemen - Craig Counsell, Mike Lamb

This is what we got until Hall returns. After that, if Hall struggles, Gamel will be our starting 3rd basemen by the break.

Outfielders - Ryan Braun, Mike Cameron, Corey Hart, Tony Gwynn Jr.

Last shot for Gwynn. Duffy and Trotter will see some time eventually, depending on how soon Gwynn gets dealt to San Diego, his destiny.

What do you think? This is a pretty conservative roster, in my opinion. Feel free to leave your roster predictions in the comments. Please!


Anonymous said...

I really think Swindle makes the roster over stetter. Swindle looked real tough last year.

I would not surprised to see Gagne break the club either.

I wish there was a way to keep morlan. I think hes going to be a good pitcher.

Kyle Lobner said...

Hall will be healthy by opening day for sure...they're acting like he'll be ready to play in games within the next could of weeks.

Kyguy said...

Gagne if he doesn't make the roster will be a FA if he wants to be... so might leave the club if doesn't make the roster thus saving the Brewers some money. If his ego isn't that big and doubts he can get a decent contract elsewhere, he may agree to be demoted.

Don't like Gwynn's chances, think Duffy or Nixon make it over him.

I know just one game, but I could see Julio getting left off the roster, saving the team some more money, for a guy like Swindle or Morlan.

Hall I think will be on the opening day roster and could be ready to go next week.

Nelson I dont think gets a spot, as I think Rivera can play backup 1B as well. I like Nelson a lot though, but his claim he can play OF I don't know if I buy it.

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