Friday, February 6, 2009

No, Marquette is Not Trap-Game Proof

For some reason, it was vastly assumed that Marquette would lose in South Florida when they traveled their this Friday night. Many people thought this would be MU's trap-game, where they wouldn't give proper respect to a lesser opponent, and would lose because of it. Despite my claims that this team might be immune to this syndrome, I was wrong (and I jinxed them). Marquette lost to South Florida 57-56.

South Florida let Marquette know right from the start that this was a game they shouldn't be taking lightly. It was an entertaining affair, as the game was tied at eight different occasions and their were seven different lead changes. But when USF's Dominique Jones laid in the ball with :15 to play, that would be the final lead change of the night, and South Florida would celebrate their first ever win against a top ten team.

This was kind of a weird game all night. First, there was that prevailing feeling I spoke of earlier where everyone just assumed Marquette would lose. That feeling was there even though Marquette came into the game undefeated in the Big East, while South Florida only had two wins in conference, both against DePaul. Sometimes though, those feelings take over, and they are hardly wrong.

Another weird thing about this game was that the announcer, I forget his name, sounded EXACTLY like Brent Musberger. That threw me off for a while, to hear that voice without the sweet sounds of Steve Lavin. Also, I wish I could grab the screen shot from late in the game, but USF's drummer looks exactly like Dave Bush. Just a weird game all around.

It just wasn't a good night for Marquette, who shot just 39% from the floor. Jerel McNeal lead the Geagles (I'm sick of typing Golden Eagles) with 22 points, while Wesley Matthews and Dominic James added 11 a piece. But clearly, it wasn't enough.

Marquette will have the weekend off to think about what just happened before they try to rebound at Villanova next Tuesday. Still no longer undefeated in the Big East, let's see if they can continue to stay atop the Big East standings.


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