Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sweet Sounds of Cory Provus

This is the face of the man you'll be hearing on your radio dials throughout the summer, as Cory Provus has been announced as the new partner to compliment Bob Uecker. Provus replaces Jim Powell, who has accepted a job calling games for the Atlanta Braves. It will be hard to listen to the radio without expecting to hear Powell's voice, but I'm wishing Provus the best of luck, and hope that his insight will mesh well with that of the man from Mr. Belvadre fame. It probably will though, or else he wouldn't have been hired.

Provus comes to Milwaukee just a few miles south on I-94, as he was recently in a similar broadcast role for WGN and the Chicago Cubs. As you imagine, this news really bothers some of the lame Brewer fans out there (yes, we're not proud of everyone). The guys over at Chuckie Hacks do a good job of calling out the idiotic fans. I personally don't think it matters who he roots for, as long as he does a good job with the Crew.

Even though I would prefer watching every game on television over the course of the summer, it's not a complete baseball season without a few nights tuning into the radio. The Bucky Channel would like to wish all the best to Cory Provus, and he can work with Uecker a little better than this guy....


Jonk said...

Christopher Hewett played Mr. Belvedere. Bobby U was George Owens.

It's bad enough that Provus is a (now former) Cubs broadcaster, but the guy is from Illinois and is a lifelong Cubs fan. I'm sure he'll put that aside for the sake of professionalism, just as Braves fan Jim Powell before him, but it is still painful to have a Cub calling the Brewers every day.

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