Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's Boycott ESPN For A Few Days

We all know that there is no escaping the necessary evil that is ESPN. If it wasn't for Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Baseball, the upcoming World Baseball Classic and their rights to the MLS (yes, I watch it), I'd have no problem boycotting the network altogether. Basically, I only watch them for the games they broadcast, but not the way they broadcast them or for their original programming. I can't even remember the last time I watched an entire episode of SportsCenter.

The reason I want to boycott them for awhile isn't because they employ both Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, nor is it because SportsCenter has become basically Access Hollywood with highlights. It's because the Milwaukee Bucks had one nationally televised game this season, and that was supposed to be tonight, Friday the 27th of February. But The Powers That Be at the Leader decided that their game against the Hornets was no longer national television worthy, and it has been bumped for a game between the Pistons and the Magic.

Seriously? Look, I know the Bucks are a bit depleted right now, but you're telling me ESPN can't sell the story of a team playing without their two biggest stars, yet finding ways to win and compete for the playoffs? You're telling me that ESPN doesn't want to subject the country to this game, but they had no problem airing a couple of blowouts to the Thunder earlier in the season?

You know, when the schedule first comes out every year, the first thing I look at is for any national televised games. It's bad enough to only have one of these games, but much much worse to have it taken away from us. The Bucks have earned a little national exposure, if you ask me.

I understand why ESPN would rather show the Magic than the Bucks, but you're really telling me it's going to kill them to air ONE Bucks game this season, one that airs on an early Friday evening when nobody is probably watching TV at that time anyway?

If you would like to watch the Bucks, they play at 7pm in New Orleans tonight. On FSN Wisconsin. Actually, no. As b2 reminds us: no. thats the thing. because the game was on espn, they ARENT on fsn wisconsin. they arent on tv at all today. i hate espn.

Yeah, um, this is so lame. I know a lot of you don't care about the Bucks, whatever. I like to watch every game. I don't mind if a game here or there isn't on TV because FSN can't afford to cover all 82 of them, I get that. But to not have a game on TV because ESPN just changed their mind about who is priviledged enough to be shown on their prestigious network? I know I try to make this a family blog and all, but fuck that.

Let the boycott begin.


Anonymous said...

no. thats the thing. because the game was on espn, they ARENT on fsn wisconsin. they arent on tv at all today. i hate espn.

Anonymous said...

great game, too. from what the box score tells me anyway.

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