Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brewers Sign Former Cy Young Winner...

... which is basically just another way of saying that the Brewers have re-signed reliever Eric Gagne. Things are going to be a little different though this time around, as it's being reported he's only initially being signed to a minor-league contract, likely with incentives. That's quite a step down from the one-year, $10 million contract a desperate Doug Melvin gave him last year.

If the guy from Lie to Me was able to see the look on my face for when I first saw this announcement, there's no question I would be one of his go-to examples for when he showed people the expression of shock. And I know I'm not the only one who felt this way. But once you get past the initial surprise, you'll see that Dougie has once again made another good, low-cost, low-risk signing that could pay big dividends at some point this season.

Personally, I am excited about this move. I'm always up for a good "why the hell not?" signing. However, with a 5.44 ERA and 7 blown saves last season, I'm sure a lot of Brewers fans would have rather seen him go the way of Derrick Turnbow. Looking around the Brewers blogosphere, there are already several mixed opinions. Right Field Bleachers says Gagne now has the chance to earn the money he made last year. Quevedo at the Buffet didn't even realize Gagne was still alive. Bernie's Crew says talk about surprises. And Brew Town Beat says with Hoffman and Gagne, the Brewers have a chance to have the most bad ass bullpen in history.

So it looks like Doug Melvin clearly lied when he said a few weeks ago that the Brewers were done in free agency. It seems he's taking the same approach to his bullpen as I am to my life right now. While I have four part-time jobs hoping that something works, he's signing multiple bullpen options hoping one of these guys pans out. Clearly, I'm very pro this strategy.

Perhaps Chad Cordero is next?


Anonymous said...

Though Gagne had nearly the same number of appearances in the first & second half, his ERA was very different for each. It was around 7.50 before the All Star Break & around 3.50 during the second half.

I actually hope he makes the roster & learns a few things from Hoff. I'll bet Gagne's changeup will get an instant upgrade!

Having Gagne around this season would be harder to deal with if we had missed the playoffs last season. I think most Brewer fans like hearing a good redemption song, right?

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