Monday, February 2, 2009

Alright, I'll Mention Something About the Badgers...

While watching the Badgers lose to Northwestern by a score of 66-63, only one thought was racing through my head. It wasn't, "Please God, don't let the Badgers lose their sixth straight," but rather, "If the Badgers lose, I am going to have to write about this and then that one guy that likes Northwestern will hammer me in the comments."

When you watch your team lose to Northwestern, you tend to try to avoid even talking about it with anyone, much less writing about it. As you can tell, I really went to great lengths to avoid doing the latter. But since I'm not going to write about the Super Bowl until my "Winks Thinks" on Thursday, and because I don't think anyone is actually going to read that article on the Wave, I had to bite the bullet.

First, let me say this. This win by Northwestern proves nothing. At least not about Northwestern. It is going to be a long time because this school becomes credible athletically, and one win against the Badgers does not change that. I am also going to remind you that the Badgers are not playing well this season, at all, so don't take too much stock in this victory.

Speaking of the Badgers not playing well, I hope the fans in the YMCA gym that Northwestern calls an arena realize that the Badgers were on a five game losing streak going into this game. When you are playing against a conference opponent that is on a five game losing skid, cheering like your son just won the state tournament is inexcusable. Act like you've been there before Northwestern fans, even though you clearly haven't.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me say this: Don't take anything I just wrote seriously. I am so disillusioned about the Badgers losing to Northwestern, that I have no problem attacking their fans for celebrating. Those are the kind of things that happen in a season where your favorite team has seemingly lost it's home-court advantage, appears to be NIT-bound, if that, and is playing so poorly you start rooting for a team you haven't previously cared much for (i.e. Marquette).

Hats off to Northwestern though, I guess. The last times these two teams met the Badgers killed them by 29 points, and the Wildcats were able to get revenge on Saturday night. That January 7th victory for Wisconsin was also the last time the won a game. I had fully assumed that Northwestern would be the equivalent of a slump-buster, and Wisconsin would remember what it felt like to do something they haven't done in awhile even if it wasn't pretty. Instead, the Badgers let another game they could have won slip away in the final minutes.

Next up for the Badgers is a Thursday night game on ESPN, when they welcome Illinois into the Kohl Center. Hopefully, the Badgers can stop this nonsense and finally win a game.

And hopefully, the Northwestern fan isn't too rough on me in the comments.


Walk On Boy said...

There are far too many double entendres in the third-to-last paragraph.

Anything you want to talk about?

Winks said...

Yes, there are absolutely no girls in Fondy.

Why did I move back here again?

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