Monday, February 23, 2009

Two-Man Show Leads Bucks Over Nuggets

Who would have thought that the two guys most crucial to a Bucks run at the playoffs this season wouldn't be Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut, but rather Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions? I mean, you knew they were valuable to the team, but those two guys are the only reason Milwaukee is even staying afloat at this point. Also, am I surprised that the two Bucks that played in the Olympics are out with long injuries? No, not at all.

With those two out however, the Bucks needed new players to pick them up. Enter Charlie V, who with his season-high 36 points in the Bucks 120-117 win over Denver on Sunday, continues to make that straight up trade for T.J Ford look like Larry Harris's last stroke of genius. The Bucks entire offense is running through him at this point. He's the guy they look to for the big three-point shot, he's the guy grabbing the boards and throwing the rock back in on a monster dunk. Charlie Villanueva, who would have thought.

Also enter Ramon Sessions, who had 27 points and 8 assists in the Bucks victory on Sunday. Sessions is barely leaving the floor at this point, and that is a good thing. He had 43 minutes against Denver, even though Luke Ridnour still played 21. The strategy of playing both Sessions and Ridnour at the same time seemed like the discovery of the atom when Scott Skiles first implemented it, now it's become a standard and effective 1-2 punch at the guard positions.

If you are still doubting the level of contribution Sessions and V bring to this team, go and re-watch the Nuggets game again. I am getting to the point where I am going to be depressed if the Bucks can't keep both of these guys next season. As great as the standard 17 points from Richard Jefferson are a night, I really thought he would have had more of an impact this season. He's still effective, but I'd much rather see the Bucks dump him to keep Charlie Villanueva, something I never thought I'd say in the history of my life.

It was an impressive win against a Nuggets team that is 37-19 on the season, one of the top contenders in the West. With the victory, the Bucks improve to 28-31, which is fascinating to me because it doesn't feel like they are three games under .500. Maybe that's because they still hold a 1 1/2 game lead for the glorious Eastern Conference 8th Seed.

I'm not getting Bear's Box Score references lately.

Player of the Game: Chuckie Vills.


Anonymous said...

Ha, my bad winks, i completely forgot about writing this up.

Anonymous said...

By the way, my reference are movie lines.

That's a lotta Dimp - is from supertroopers, and was referring to LeBrons 55.

I can't make that pitch coach - is from remember the titans and referred to the bucks not having enough to win.

movie lines winks, movie lines.

Anonymous said...

I suppose pop culture lines like yeah thats the ticket as well.

Anonymous said...

Fred, keep up with the Bucks write-ups. It's not the same when Winks does them.

Anonymous said...

What a great game!

Free tickets for me & my fam!

Michael Redd bobbleheads!

Sweet game!

Gratuitous, shameless, unregulated use of exclamation points!

Winks said...

I agree with anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Man was I pi$$ed when I heard that dude from Outside the Lines refer to the Bucks mascot as "Bongo".

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob Ley ... it's BANGO ... get it right fool!

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