Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Little Too Much Dallas

Not quite the game that the epic battle between the Milwaukee Beers and Dallas Felons was, as shown in picture. But at least I could look at this picture and smile, cause it certainly wasn't happening during the game against the Dallas Mavericks. The Bucks dropped the third game between the two teams 116-96. This season, it appears that when the Bucks and Mavericks play each other, you are going to get a blowout one way or the other.

Charlie Villanueva did his part tonight, at least on the scoring end in the first quarter. After a 19 point first quarter he finished with 25 points. Richard Jefferson had a rough shooting night going 6-17 and adding 16 points. Also the bench showed up some as Charlie Bell had 19. I suppose CV gets TBC player of the game, even though he was pretty worthless after the first quarter. Dallas definitely racked up the "psych-outs" tonight, thats for sure.

Steve Perry.....Steeeevee Perry.... Should have been gonnnnnnne.

The problem tonight, people, was the rebounding. The Bucks were out rebounded 25-51. Yikes. It was a disappointing loss, but the Bucks still hold a game lead over the 8th seed over NJ and CHI, which is good I guess.

Milwaukee faces a tough test Friday at 7pm at New Orleans Hornets. I'm sure the Bucks pull this one out, about as sure as I am that Shaq got rich playing in college.


Anonymous said...

The NBA needs to reduce the number of playoff teams to 6 per conference. Or have the 12 best teams period. It's a joke when over half the teams in the league get in.

Anonymous said...

they need to expand to 32 teams is what they need to do. kansas city and seattle. hopefully that will take some pressure off milwaukee.

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