Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wasn't Chandler Traded Anyway??

Now obviously I know the specifics of the trade, then no trade of Chandler, but if he wasn't a Hornet, this game could have had a much different outcome. Lets rewind a bit. The Bucks played the Bucs last night. It was a game you would have been able to see on ESPN, if they would of let you. The New Orleans Hornets donned some old school "Bucs" unis while the Bucks wore their reds. Other than having a cool look, ESPN missed out on a great finish. I would say game, but the truth is Milwaukee was manhandled until late in the 4th quarter. Down, 15-20 most of the game, the Bucks made a furious comeback with Bogans, Bell, Allen, Jones and Gadzuric. You read that right. They made a comeback from down 89-72 to up 94-93 in 3:22 minutes, which included 6 consecutive three pointers. Charlie Bell hit a three with 10 seconds left to go up 1.

Tyson Chandler would end the euphoria however, as he would secured the victory for the Bucs with a tip in on a missed David West shot. Heartbreaker. Only, I didn't see any of it until later last night on the TV. Instead, I got a play by play account of the game from Winks, who was getting a play by play from our buddy Gweeds, who was watching the game on satellite at a bar in Oshkosh. Thanks ESPN. Thanks OKC for backing out on the Chandler deal, because of a "failed physical" we all know was a change of heart due to money. While I'm in the mood for thanking people sarcastically, shout out THANKS to David Stern for hating on Milwaukee. (Nothing new, I just feel its necessary to still let off steam about the Sixers/Bucks playoff series at least once a month until I die.)

The Bucks were led by Richard Jefferson who scored 22. But the TBC player of the game has to be the bench spark provided by Charlie Bell who dropped 21 points on 5 three pointers. Meanwhile, Chris Paul added 20 assists, so that was awesome. If you gander at the conveniently placed link of the box score, make sure to look at the +/- stat, its pretty astonishing.

Yo, bartender, Jobu needs a refill.

Milwaukee will try to get on the right track tonight, against the Washington Wizards at home, set to tip off at 7:30 pm.

If it is any consolation, Milwaukee still miraculously holds a half game lead for the 8th seed over New Jersey, and a game over Chicago.


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