Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marquette Officially on a Losing Streak

I'm not sure which was worse. The fact that Villanova put up more than 100 points on Marquette in 40 minutes of play, or that we were subjected to ESPN2's Interactive Tuesday for much of the game. Seriously, what is up with that scroll that posts text messages from viewers? How annoying is that? I want to hear commentary about the game from the announcers, not from random 'Nova fans that have access to a cell phone.

All game long we had to endure this crap. I'm really not sure what this technology does to "enhance" a broadcast, quite honestly. Between the messages about free cheesecake for everyone and how good the Big East, I found my eyeballs wondering to the top of the screen more than to the actual action. And for that, I am a tad upset.

When Villanova did knock off Marquette by a final score of 102-84, I wanted to hear about how good 'Nova might be, or how a two game losing streak would effect the Geagles from here on out. Instead, I got this little nugget from Roland3402: "Huge win for Nova".

Wow. Thanks ESPN2.

And now, as you've come to this site for reaction on the MU loss, you've instead gotten a bitchfest about ESPN2, and I am now providing you the same distraction that we were subject to during the game. My deepest apologies.

As for the game, Nova ultimately played just too fast and nailed too many three point shots for Marquette to keep up with. Marquette was playing well early on, and I thought for sure that they would be able to rebound after their loss to South Florida. But it wasn't to be, and MU will look to instead rebound against St. John's on St. Valentine's Day.
I'll be front row in front of my TV for that game as well, as I'm planning to spend the holiday alone (again). Maybe I wouldn't mind the company of Roland3402 after all...


Anonymous said...


You can sit on my lap saturday night if you'd like. I know I'd like it. I don't want to be alone either.

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