Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brewers Finally Make Deal With Yankees

Well, I've been saying all along that if the Brewers were going to make a trade with the Yankees, I would want one of their young pitchers. I didn't really envision that player to be 26-year old lefty Chase Wright, but whatever. Starting pitching depth is starting pitching depth.

Wright lost his spot on the Yankees 40-man roster after they re-signed Andy Pettitte. He's produced well at both the Double-A and Triple-A levels, but struggled upon his appearance into the bigs. Jim from Bernie's Crew has an analysis about what kind of pitcher this guy might be for Milwaukee:

The southpaw projects to be nothing more than a back-end of the rotation starter. He relies on his control to retire batters, as his strikeout rate was a pedestrian 5.06 K/9 in Double-A last season. His walk rate is mediocre, hovering between 2.17 BB/9 in Triple-A to 3.24 BB/9 in Double-A. Chase features an 87-89 MPH two-seam fastball, along with a high-70s slider and changeup. His change-up is supposedly pretty good. Home runs are not a problem, as is evidenced by his 0.48 HR/9 rate, but Wright is predominately a ground-ball pitcher. He struggled with home runs in his brief stint in the big leagues, but that is too small of a sample size to make any real conclusions.
In exchange for the lefty's services, the Brewers have traded catcher Eric Fryer. Fryer, 23, had a nice season with the West Virginia Power last year, although whether or not this prospect will pan out is up for debate.

Basically, what I gather from this trade is that Wright will step into the starting rotation after Suppan inevitably gets injured/fails.


Anonymous said...

Chase Wright sounds promising. Too bad he'll always be remembered for giving up four straight homers at Fenway. Poor kid ... he was pretty much plucked from A ball by Torre to help out & was thrown into Major League situations such as the lion's den in Bean Town. Imagine if Macha & Co. called up Jake Odorizzi after the break & had him start at Wrigley.

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