Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bucks Win Again In Redd's Absence

Two wins in a row. Gotta be honest, I did not see that coming. Especially against a Hawks team that is looked poised to be the best of the secondish tier teams in the East, behind the obvious Magic, Celtics, and Cavs tier. Milwaukee led most of the game, and held off a late surging Hawks to win 110-107. This puts the Bucks at 24-27 and give maybe a little more hope that this team could still make the playoffs.

That all obviously hinges on Andrew Bogut. For the second game in as many nights Bogut played. Tonight it was apparent that towards the end of the game, his back was acting up on him. Still in 10 minutes of action he was a beast, scoring 9 points, grabbing 6 rebounds, dishing 2 assists and getting 2 steals and a block. His presence makes the entire team rise up a level its kind of incredible to see. At one point Bogut, made an athletic leap stole the ball at the perimeter, through an outlet pass then ran the floor getting the ball back and dunking the ball home.

It was impressive for a guy who had just missed a slew of games due to back spasms. Scoring hasn't been an issue thus far either the last two games. Chuckie V racked up 27 points, 7 boards, 4 threes and 6 assists. I cannot believe how well this guy is playing right now. Redd's injury has also opened the door for Sessions to start and get more playing time. His ability to get to cut through the defense and take the ball to the rim is surprisingly complimentary to Ridnour's style. It was also nice to see what Richard Jefferson do what he does best, and that is get to the line, scoring 11 points on free throws alone.

Sessions and Jefferson both added 20 points, and Charlie Bell had 16 as a nice contribution of the bench.

It was said several times last night during the broadcast, but there is some room for optimism. The Bucks have 19 home games left and 12 road games left on the schedule. Milwaukee heads to New Jersey on Tuesday, game time is 6:30 and is on FS Wisconsin.

TBC Buck of The Game: Charlie Villanueva.

(AP Photo by Darren Hauck)


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