Tuesday, October 28, 2008

08-09 Season Gets Off To Rough Start

Opening the season on the road, still playing in preseason form, the first night on the floor with an entirely new cast of teammates. These are all more logical reasons for the Bucks struggles tonight than that of my proposed Failed Live Blog curse. No matter what the reason, the Bulls were too much for Milwaukee tonight, as the Bucks lost 108-95.

It was close until about the middle of the 3rd quarter, when Andrew Bogut had to head to the bunch after his 4th foul. Chicago took advantage of the Bucks bench, and knocked in a few 3-pointers to pull away. As far as the stats go, Redd scored 30, Richard Jefferson added 15, and Malik Allen came off the bench with 10.

I was actually fairly confident that the Bucks would come out victorious tonight, but clearly that wasn't the case. They didn't play too bad in the first half, but started getting sloppy in the fourth quarter. There were bad turnovers, bad defense, and bad shots.

Ultimately, I'm not too concerned about it. It's an 82-game season. The Bucks play their first 20 out of 33 on the road, so it's going to be tough. We're only returning six guys from the roster last season. There will be growing pains, but by the end of the year, I think this team will really start to show what kind of team it can be.

Unfortunately, I don't think that will be happening within the first couple of months, and games like tonight's will be about as frequent as they were last year.

Prove me wrong, Bucks!


Jonk said...

Sorry I missed the live chat. Need more advance notice next time.

Anonymous said...

What about a TBC buck of the game

Anonymous said...

yea where is the buck of the game?

game one: redd
game two: v

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