Sunday, October 19, 2008

If This Is True, Favre Is Dead to Me

I couldn't even make this stuff up if I tried.

I mean if I really, really tried.

Even if I tried to think of the most outlandish situation regarding Brett Favre and the Packers, I would have never come up with this.

Per FOX's Jay Glazer, Brett Favre helped the Lions prepare for the Packers before their week two game.



Favre spent 60-to-90 minutes before the Week Two game between the Lions and the Packers educating the Detroit coaching staff regarding the Packers’ offensive strategies.

Glazer says that Favre initially called former CEO Matt Millen, who then put Favre in touch with the coaches. In our view, Brett’s legacy with the Packers has officially been forever stained, if not completely destroyed – unless Favre immediately denies the report, and unless people believe it.

Like the guys at JSOnline, I'm going to reserve judgment until the know the whole story. But if this is even close to true, then that's it. I'm done with Favre.

Yeah, I've been talking a lot of shit about Brett Favre ever since he retired, tried to unretire, moaned to some random chick on FOX News, and then was traded to the Jets. But through this whole process, I've admitted that I will eventually feel the same admiration for Favre as I have throughout my childhood.

Also, since Favre seems to be on a mission to destroy the Packers, I'm now 100% convinced that he will not officially retire until he suits up for the Vikings and beats Green Bay.

Seriously, Favre. What the hell is wrong with you?


Anonymous said...

he's always been a bitch

Todd said...

He's sadly showing his true colors which we have ignored for far too long. Guys like TO get a bad rap for stuff and people continue to look the other way with Favre. He just sinks lower and lower and takes the lowest road possible. Imagine for a moment the dirt the team and those within the organization, like towel boys, equipment guys, trainers, etc. have on him. They could unload and bury him if those wanted to but they don't.

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