Friday, October 17, 2008

Melvin Signed Through 2012; Sveum, Skaalen Not Returning

The moustache has spoken.

Even though Dale Sveum may have saved Doug Melvin's job by leading the Brewers into the postseason, Melvin has decided not to invite Sveum back as the manager for 2009 and beyond. Melvin has this power because he was just given an extension through the 2012 season.

Sveum, as you would expect, was crushed by the news, going on to say his "heart was ripped out". That's just painful to type. I really do feel for the guy, as he was given his dream job with the team he loved playing for. Ultimately though, Doug wanted to find someone with more experience and success at the big league level, and I don't really blame him.

I've often said that Ned Yost was the perfect manager to bring the young group of Brewers and transition them into big league ballplayers. But I also said that Ned Yost was not the right manager that would lead us into the playoffs. Turns out, Dale Sveum was the manager that would get us to the dance, but Doug decided he's not the guy that's going to make us stay competitive.

While sixteen games is a small sample size to measure the merits of a man, I tend to agree with Doug. He already once attached himself to an unproven, stubborn manager. Why do the same thing again, especially now that the young Brewers are finally beginning to reach their full potential? (Minus one Corey Hart, that is).

So where does Doug go from here? Many names have been thrown out there, and apparently, it's because managers are contacting the Brewers. That's a good thing. Personally, I'd like to see Bobby Valentine come back from whatever he's doing in Japan and lead this ballclub. More likely though would be guys like Bob Brenly, Ken Macha, and Buck Showalter. For some reason, I feel like Willie Randolph could be heavily considered.

So for the second time in a month, the Brewers have relieved their manager of their duties, and it's up to Doug and his moustache to fill the void.

Always trust The Moustache.


Jonk said...

Sveum said it would be too awkward to return as an assistant after just 16 games as interim* manager? That really makes no sense. He says in that JSOnline piece that he loves the organization and that the tough part is that he doesn't have a job now — yet he is letting 12 regular-season games and a lousy playoff performance get in the way of that? Good riddance if that is his attitude.

* = Dale does realize what "interim" means, right?

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