Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miller Park in For a Makeover

So the Brewers made the playoffs for the first time since 1982. How does the team choose to celebrate this accomplishment? SHOPPING SPREE!

No, they are not throwing money to free agents already, nor have they resigned Sabathia to a deal that will hamper their free agent spending in the future. What the Brewers have done, however, is announce some changes to Miller Park.

The one I'm excited about is the new scoreboard and sound system, which should be in place by 2010. It's been though to hear anything that is played on that video board, and if I didn't know the dialogue from Animal House I wouldn't ever be able to know what Belushi was saying before a 9th inning rally. So that's a good thing.

Also, the Brewers plan on replacing their outfield grass. This is a good move because... you know, what? I'm sorry. I have just had nothing to write about lately, with the Brewers season ending and all. We'll try to take care of that with some NFL Picks and thoughts on the Packers/Seahawks game coming up.

I miss you, Brewers.


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