Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yeah It Was The Thunder, But I'm Pretty Impressed

I was driving on Highway 45 this morning when I passed a billboard that was advertising $10 upper level Bucks tickets through the end of 2008. 'Man, do I love the Bucks', I thought. I realized then that maybe I came down a little too hard on my assessment of the Bucks' season opening loss against Chicago.

In that loss, I saw a lot of things I saw in the '07-'08 Bucks, when writing about them became more of a chore. They didn't shoot well, defend well, and Michael Redd continued to prove he only cared about his scoring average.

One night later, I realized I may have overreacted. Sure, a 98-87 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder doesn't really prove anything, but I was pretty impressed with their play tonight. Quick thoughts:

*Besides Bogut getting in foul trouble early again, he looked pretty good. He's definitely the glue that holds this team together.

*An even 20 points out of Redd, Jefferson, and Villaneuva. The three of them played together, and played to their strengths.

* I really like our bench. Malik Allen and Tyronn Lue serve their role. Charlie Bell works as a 6th man. Mbah a Moute might be my new favorite Buck.

Whereas last night I put too much stock into a loss, I have to be careful I'm not putting too much stock into a victory. But regardless, this was a pretty good performance by Milwaukee, and it brings optimism that more performances like this one are to come.


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