Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back at the Drink

The latest installment of Winks Thinks is up over at The Daily Drink, and once again this is me begging you to go check it out. After you've done that, you might as well browse around the Sports Bubbler site if you have the time. They have a lot of good stuff regarding the Brewers playoff run right now from some of the better bloggers Wisconsin has to offer (but then make sure you come back here!)


Jonk said...

Say what you want about guys like Joe Buck, Skip Caray, Tim McCarver, or Dick Stockton, but I want one of them calling a Brewers playoff game. They just have that “big-game” feel to them, no matter how old or opinionated they may be.

Skip Caray is dead. Other than that minor detail, yes.

Anonymous said...

haha how did you miss that

Anonymous said...

wow blame this one on cc if you want, but hes done everything for this team and were not gonna win with one fucking hit. corey hart set the tone of this game early with his impatience against a shitty pitcher who clearly didnt have his command. absolutely embarrasing slump by hart.

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