Friday, October 3, 2008

NFL Picks: Week Five

When I decided to go ahead with a weekly NFL Picks column, I thought it would be a good way to show off my football insight. Unfortunately, it's been the complete opposite. Currently, I'm 10th out of 12 in my Pick 'Em league, with 288 out of a possible 483. Not good.

So, I'm deciding to change this up a bit. I'm still going to go ahead with my picks, although I'm going to give my reasons for them in haiku form. A friend of mine did this for our fantasy baseball league, so I thought it'd I steal his idea and use it for my picks.

Hopefully this works.

1 point - Jacksonville over Pittsburgh

Not sure about Ben.
Hasn't looked like his old self.
Could go either way.

2 points - Philadelphia over Washington

Pundits going crazy.
They all love NFC East.
It's early, they'll choke.

3 points - Detroit over Chicago

Bears beat the good teams.
But can not beat the bad ones.
Detroit is awful.

4 points - Buffalo over Arizona

Four wins, no losses.
The Bills are undefeated.
Hop on Bandwagon.

5 points - Tennessee over Baltimore

Just booked our tickets.
Watching the Pack in Nashville.
One of the league's best.

6 points - Green Bay over Atlanta

Rodgers plays, Pack wins.
Flynn starts, could be in trouble.
Suck it up, Aaron.

7 points - Tampa Bay over Denver

My upset special.
Broncos are overrated
I need these seven.

8 points - New England over San Francisco

Tough year for the Pats.
Use their bye week to adjust.
Will destroy San Fran.

9 points - New Orleans over Minnesota

Monday Night Football.
Watch the game with volume down.
Kornheiser brings pain.

10 points - Indianapolis over Houston

Houston's first home game.
First weekend of October.
However, they suck.

11 points - New York Giants over Seattle

It's Bobby Engram!
Seahawks finally have weapon.
Hurt by second half?

12 points - San Diego over Miami

Unlucky season.
Chargers have caught some bad breaks.
Take it out on Fins.

13 points - Carolina over Kansas City

Chiefs surprise Denver.
Are they worst team in the league?
If not for Rams, yes.

14 points - Dallas over Cincinnati.

Forgot the Bengals.
They are truly the worst.
Worse for fantasy.


Jack Burton said...

Ah, you make Masaoka Shiki so proud. Conversely, you do the same for sportsbooks and bookies by enriching them.

Anonymous said...

wow you look really bad

Winks said...

hey did i better this week

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