Monday, October 6, 2008

Are the Packers Bad?

Thank God the Brewers have had the season that they've had, because otherwise I'm just not sure how I would be able to be handling the events of the last month. The Badgers have been a colossal disappointment, while the Packers have lost three straight games, including two at Lambeau. Their recent woes are starting to make me wonder if this Packers team is even any good.

Last year the Packers went 13-3, but it was an inflated 13-3. They won several games they shouldn't have, including the contests against Denver and Kansas City. I still have a text from my buddy Shep, who was at the KC game last year, that reads "Packers looking like shit but Huard keeps sacking himself".

Unfortunately, it looks like those breaks aren't coming the Packers way this year, as proved with the Falcons 27-24 victory over the Green and Gold on Sunday. I still haven't seen much of the game outside the highlights, as I was at the Brewers game at the time. I did record the game on DVR, but haven't got around to watching it yet, and probably won't. No need to sit through a loss.

There's a lot wrong with team right now, certainly. I still don't think Aaron Rodgers is one of those things, as from what I understand he had a heck of a game yesterday. The last interception did come after he forced a pass into coverage, however.

For all those people that hated Ted Thompson because of the Favre fiasco, you're vindicated in this 2-3 season, but not really. As I mentioned, the quarterback situation has worked out fine. What has become the problem, however, is the many holes on the rest of the team, including on the offensive line (too young) and the defense line (too injured).

Thompson is still sitting on some $30 million as far as cap room goes, but I just don't know where he's going to spend that before next season. Some fans have suggested trading for guys like Rams DE Leonard Little, but I don't see TT actively pursuing a mid-season deal.

The Packers are 2-3, but even with our problems, it's probably the least worried about a poor Packers start that I've ever been. Some of that has to do with how much talent I think is on this team, some of it has to do with the understanding that the NFC North just isn't that terrific this season. The majority of it though probably has to do with the fact that I've watched about 22 plays from the last two games.

So while the Brewers have provided a nice distraction, it's time to focus all this energy back onto Green Bay. Football season starts now, in my opinion, and I'm ready for it.

Alas, this season could be a short one if the Packers don't find a way to win next week in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are. No depth, apparently, which I thought was one of the strengths of the squad. No pass rush. (I'm looking at you, Kampman.) It is really just bizarre. As you can tell by the tone of my post I am now in the acceptance stage of grief. Maybe we should lose at Tampa, but Atlanta? A rookie QB? Although it is certainly not helped by two interceptions at the end of the last two games. I thought we ran the game-ending int. machine out, no?

Unknown said...

Please don't do a story on the packers if you don't even watch the game. I am a real Packer fan. I don't watch them and read about them because they are good. I do so because they are mine.
Travis Kasperbauer

Winks said...

This really wasn't a story about the game, as more as it was a story about the Packers having a 2-3 record, and how I feel about it.

But if you're trying to say I am a bandwagon Packers fan because I chose to go to GAME FOUR OF THE NLDS instead of watch the Packers on TV, than I guess I can't stop you.

Even though I made my buddy who was at the game constantly text me with updates as I did the same for him.

Agree to Disagree.

Anonymous said...

Travis, you are quite the elitest fan.

If you didn't notice this is website about Wisconsin Sports, not merely exclusive to the Packers. Thus a game like the Brewers in the NLDS game 4 is much more important than Packers week 5. It just is. I love the Packers, probably more so than the Brewers and Bucks, but with the oppurtunity available I would have gone to the Playoff game as well, as Winks did.

Honestly though, did Winks even talk about the game? He gave the box score, mentioned something about last years team being lucky, and this years team not catching those breaks. Then went into Some Packer issues not exclusive to Sundays game.

However, Travis it is so gracious of you to share "Your" Packers with the rest of the state of Wisconsin.

I mean where would all of us Packers fans be if you didn't allow us to watch "your" team. Better yet, am I allowed to comment because I mentioned "your" packers in it? Do I need a consent form, a some sort of realease statement?

Ben said...

While last year's 13-3 record was clearly inflated, I think the 2-3 start so far this season makes it look worse than it is. The youth is showing right now in that they all take turns screwing up. Against the Buccs, I felt the defense kept us in a game that the offense couldn't do anything in. Against the Falcons, I felt the defense ruined a could've-been victory. I'm still sitting on my estimate of 9-7, but I'm getting nervous about it. The team needs to get healthy physically and in the morality. I can see the falling a little further before the raise up.. but I would expect them to start looking better soon!

Unknown said...

i posted to a story on the front page of A site about the Packers.

I simply would like people writing about a team to watch the games. That's it.

The packers are mine. They also belong to other fans who watch them every Sunday. Good or bad teams, wins and losses.


Winks said...

Well, I simply would like people that read my writing not to think they are above their fellow fans, just because some of them may have chose to GO TO THE FIRST BREWERS PLAYOFF SERIES IN 26 YEARS rather than watch the Packers game.

There have been a long history of dumb arguments in the comments of this site, this has to be the dumbest.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


1) Packerchatters pulls things from other websites, Winks did not post the article, if you have an issue with Packers chatters content, talk to them.

2) Winks is one of the biggest packer fans I know. The kid lives and dies by the team, and his mood that week revolves around how the Packers played. Slighting him (to bandwagoner status) because he missed one Packer game to attend a Brewers playoff game, something that hasn't been witnessed since before he was born, is absolutely asinine.

In fact if you asked I bet Winks could name and count all the Packer games hes missed over the last 15 years on one hand.

Jonk said...

This Travis character never actually called Winks a "bandwagon fan." Really, his whole point can be summed up by just one of his lines...

I simply would like people writing about a team to watch the games. That's it.

...and I agree with him on that.

I think attending game 4 of the NLDS is great. I am a bit jealous. My biggest concern on this debate, though, is this line from the write-up:

I did record the game on DVR, but haven't got around to watching it yet, and probably won't. No need to sit through a loss.

I can understand missing games every so often, even in a sport like football where there's so few games compared to other sports. But if you have a game recorded on your DVR and you write about how you aren't watching it, I don't think it reflects very well on the site.

Just my two cents, not adjusted for inflation.

Jonk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonk said...

Double post for some reason. And now I'm making it worse by adding a third post as explanation.

Ben said...

I think it's fair to write this article talking about the Packers even though he didn't watch the game. He didn't attempt to provide a recap to the game, he simply asked a question "Are the Packers bad?" Completely in line with the point of this Wisconsin Sports Blog. If you want to read an article by someone who watched the game.. come to my site!

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