Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Favre Speaks, Everybody Listens, Nobody Cares

So Favre spoke about the whole phone call to Matt Millen situation, and ESPN finally reported it. It's been interesting how the whole ESPN vs. Jay Glazer thing has almost become bigger than the Favre story itself.

Yesterday was one of the few post-less days here at The Bucky Channel, partly because of this story. It was a slow news day on Tuesday, but I had a post written up about the latest developments in the new Favre saga. But this new episode felt a lot like the last one, and I just didn't feel like writing too much about it.

Thankfully, others have. And quite well. Over at the SportsBubbler, the Daily Drink does a nice job of gathering some of the reports throughout the blogosphere. On the same site, Pickled Sports says ESPN's image is just as tarnished as Favre's. Awful Announcing, who supplied us the above video, gives us the audio of how Dan Le Betard is supporting Jay Glazer.

Lots of good stuff there, I'd suggest checking it out if you can't get enough of this. As for my thoughts, well, it's going to be awhile before I allow myself to like this guy again. Whether it went down the way Jay Glazer say did it or not, the fact that this is even an issue says enough about who Brett Favre really is.

Go Pack.


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good stuff winks.

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I meant this for your daily drink thing

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