Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Handshake"

Before I wanted to do this post, I looked all over the internet and back looking for a picture of what has been dubbed "The Handshake". Thanks to Jim Biever at for coming through as usual, less thanks to this guy named Daniel Packer who blogged about actually giving handshakes himself.

So we found the picture, but what does the handshake actually mean? Cheesehead TV says they noticed Woodson doing the handshake after his interception in the Detroit, and it has continued ever since. Some speculate that it's the Packers way of making fun of how strict the NFL is getting when it comes to celebrations.

Personally, I like safety Charlie Peprah's answer: "It was a business trip so we had business-like handshakes."

If there was one thing that could top the Brewers' un-tucking their shirts in honor of Mike Cameron's father on the yet-to-be-made Awesome Scale, I think "The Handshake" might be it.


Jonk said...

This is great. I've actually been making an effort lately to shake hands instead of high-fives or fist bumps, so this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Back slaps are much cooler than handshakes. They be coming out in Nashville in a couple of weeks.

Ben said...

I liked Daniel Packers blog entry.

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