Friday, October 10, 2008

Brett Favre... Immortalized Forever

Yes, that's actually for sale. But the real story here isn't the low production value of the commercial, or how much of a waste of money buying that coin would be. It's not even the Chris Berman knock-off of an announcer. No no. The real story is that in the Deadspin version of this article, they mention the great city of Fond du Lac! And they even spell it right! Hooray Deadspin!


Chad said...

$29.95 value? I'm pretty sure it's actually worth one dollar...if that.

Anonymous said...

not just fond du lac, but walgreens in fond du lac!

Ben said...

I love that it claims to be "officially licensed"... by who? if it were by the NFL I'm sure they'd allow them to put the Packers logo on Favre's helmet.

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