Friday, October 17, 2008

I Have an Aaron Rodgers Video, If You're Interested

Remember when those pictures of Matt Leinart at a drinking party came out, and the whole sports world was up in arms about the invasion of an athlete's privacy? I really didn't have a problem with those pics, because in my opinion, I don't really care if Matt Leinart gets drunk or not.

So when I heard about the video of Aaron Rodgers dancing at a Rascal Flatts concert, I hesitated about posting it or not. And trust me, I know that dancing at a concert and doing beer bongs are completely different things, but in both cases I wonder about the relevance. Again, I know that Rodgers dancing and Leinart drinking are so unrelated, it's just how important is this?

One of the reasons I didn't like working as a member of the media is because I felt there were too many occasions in which I felt like we were forcing ourselves into people's lives without invitation. I feel like whenever there is any video of an athlete doing something stupid, most people in the blogosphere are the same way, grasping at the chance to post the embarrassing video.

I realize that I am coming off like I am taking myself too seriously, and I understand that. But fact is, I'm not going to get picked up by sites like Deadspin if I write a good article. But if I find video of an athlete messing up, the link will be posted and the hits will come my way.

So spare the comments about me sounding like I am better than the blogosphere, for I am not. Just enjoy the video.



Anonymous said...

That's a lot of build up for a video that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Racall Flats? I agree with Brad a lot of build up for nothing. If he had taken the microphone and said something like Shaq said, maybe it would be something.

Anonymous said...

I bet he gets so much ass.

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