Monday, October 20, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Being a Goalkeeper

In retrospect, I'm a little surprised about how little I've written about soccer since I created this site. I watch it, coach it, play it, ref it, but it never shows up on the site. For that, you're welcome. But I couldn't resist posting this goal I found via the SportsBubbler's Daily Drink.

The 81-yard goal was scored by Danny Cepero of the New York Red Bulls in their 3-1 victory of the Columbus Crew on Saturday. It was Cepero's MLS debut, and there's really no better way to enter the league than scoring the first goal by a keeper in league history.

When I was fit enough to play soccer, I was spent the majority of my time between the pipes as a goaltender. My leg was anything but powerful enough to score from 80 yards out, much less to punt it to half field.

I have, however, been scored on in ways just as embarrassing as the way Columbus's Andy Gruenebaum was the other night. I've been scored on from a kickoff. I've been scored on as a ball bounced over my head, not unlike in the clip you just saw. And my attempts at saving the ball by punching it away from the net were so atrocious, it turned into it's own dance at my high school prom.

So yeah, I'm feeling a little bit for Andy Greunebaum right now.


Ben said...

You ref soccer? Oh! You're the guy that kept talking to me!

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