Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please Do Not Waste Your $19.95

On Wednesday I received an e-mail from the guys that brought us, so you can imagine my hesitation to even look at what was sent. Now, I'm not sure if those same two guys are the ones behind this little masterpiece or not, but either way, it's a pretty terrible idea. For the low one-time cost of only $19.95, you can join the United Sports Fans of America.

They sent me a video, which not surprisingly doesn't work, but here's what this little thing is supposedly all about, per the e-mail:

The players association was created to represent the players and their concerns as a whole. The best interest of the players is always considered due to the representation of their respected organization. The owners have the collective bargaining agreement to represent the best interest of every team owner.

Being organized and having their best interest represented as a group of owners they are able to accomplish and overcome obstacles that alone in most cases would be impossible.

If the players and owners in sports are smart enough to realize that it takes everyone being organized and issues being addressed collectively in order to be heard why haven't we the sports fans created our organization to do the same?

There's more on their website, but basically all it really says is "You like sports? Give us 20 bucks!" Apparently, your donation makes you a lifetime member, no matter what. And you get some sort of certificate. The money you spend will also go towards advertising and marketing, website development, and other "expenses".

Expenses. Our organization will collaborate and at times confront various organizations. This will require our organization to employ professionals in various industries; and incur additional expenses necessary to achieve the goals of

That, or they'll see how long they can get people to send this money, and then the site will mysteriously disappear in a few weeks.

Avoid this at all costs.


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