Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh, So Now Ken Macha Wants to Manage the Brewers

He turned down a chance to manage the Milwaukee Brewers in 2003, but now they are apparently good enough to take a job with for 2009. I'm not really holding a grudge or anything, I just think that should be known. Regardless, I think the hiring of Ken Macha is a pretty good move.

It appears as if Macha was really the guy Melvin wanted all along. Personally, I would have been happy with any of them. Bob Brenly won a World Series with the Diamondbacks, but now he'll go back to the booth at WGN. I wonder how bitter he will be in those broadcasts against the Brewers. Willie Randolph really never had a chance, but I was kind of pulling for him, if I had to pick one of them. But again, I'm alright with Macha.

Melvin wanted to offer the job to Ken Macha in 2003, but Macha was instead offered the job with the A's, as he was already their bench coach. In his four years there, he went 386-280 and reached the 2006 ALCS, after which he was promptly fired.

What do you think of the hiring? Should they have interviewed more candidates? Should Sveum have been given a chance? Was Doug Melvin's admiration for Ken Macha a little too obvious in this process?

How about the fact that Ken Macha looks eerily similar to the character of Mike Novick on 24?


Jonk said...

Ken Macha did not turn down the Brewers job in 2003. Melvin supposedly was ready to offer him the position,yes, but Macha chose to take the Oakland managerial job instead.

Which made perfect sense for him, considering he was the Oakland bench coach at the time.

Winks said...

Thanks for the fix.

Anonymous said...

Jonk you should just run this site.

Jonk said...

No, Winks is the man for the job. Fred Slacks is kinda slacking, though.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Macha for staying in Oakland the first time around. Melvin couldn't have expected Macha to take the position back in those awful years. That's like asking your friends to help you move when there's still a ton of heavy stuff left. Now there's just a handful of boxes left. Less than a carload. Macha can focus on interior design. I'm an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Sveum didn't get interviewed. Last time I checked he has 3 years of AA experience. If the Brewers underachieve next year (playoffs or bust again?), then Macha will be out after only one season & maybe Sveum will get his interview.

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