Monday, October 20, 2008

Glazer Standing By Favre Allegations

Curt Menefee doesn't call him the hardest working man in the business for nothing, but now Jay Glazer is feeling some heat for his allegations that Favre gave the Detroit Lions some insider information to prepare for the Packers. Glazer is standing by his report "1000%", and is not backing down from the story.

What really bothers me about this story isn't even that Favre is likely a traitor. It's that everyone is coming down on Glazer for reporting something negative about Favre. Peter King has basically taken Favre's side on this one, and ESPN isn't even touching the story. Not one mention of this story anywhere on That's my biggest problem with ESPN, is that if they don't break the story, then it's not really a story.

Anyway, Glazer defended his report today on the Jim Rome show on Monday. Glazer gave out a lot of telling information, including the Packers knowledge of Favre talking to another unnamed team, how the Cowboys wanted Favre to mind his own business, and the reason why Glazer didn't call Favre himself. Of all the things he said, I think this is the most telling:

""I talked to some players (on the Jets), players and coaches. I asked them a couple of weeks ago and they said, 'It wouldn't surprise us.' I said, 'No?' They said, 'No. He is so...he needs to let it go. He is still very upset about this.' They were pretty adamant about his displeasure with the Green Bay Packers."

I gotta say, I'm siding with Glazer on this one. I just don't feel he'd put his credibility on the line for a story about Brett Favre. Favre has proven time and time again not to take everything he says at face value (Remember, him coming out of retirement was just a rumor).

Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel does a good job of highlighting some of the best parts of the Glazer/Rome interview, and also provides a link to the interview. Our friends over at Stock Lemon have a little more humorous take on the situation.


Anonymous said...

Reasons why Favre is a bitch:

He likes to throw underhand past the line of scrimmage to no one instead of taking a hit.

He's a prick. Jennings said Favre didn't even talk to him when he was a rookie.

He does wrangler commercials. Who the hell wranglers? I'm pretty sure they only sell them at fleetfarm.

He likes to just heave it up in overtime instead of relying on the defense to make a stop. (Philly and NY Giants) Two terrible passes.

He thinks he's cool b/c he played a whole season with a busted thumb. The way I remember things we had an awesome line that year and just ran over teams with ahman green. He fumbled a ton that year b/c of the thumb. Oh yeah how'd that season end? Int. heav to Brian Dawkins.

Favre blows.

Anonymous said...

That picture is freaking me out

Jonk said...

Jay Glazer makes John Clayton look like a pansy.

Check that. John Clayton makes John Clayton look like a pansy.

Anonymous said...

your reasoning why favre blows is quite funny.

he shovel passes, and wears wranglers. what an asshole!

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