Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Bucky Five: Brewers That Need to Step Up

The Brewers got to the postseason on the back of Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, and CC Sabathia, but if this team is going to do anything in the playoffs those three guys are going to need some help. If the Brewers are going to try to attempt to pull off a miracle, these are the five guys who I think need to step up. Big time.

5. Salomon Torres

The closer has been struggling as of late, giving up more runs down the stretch than you'd expect from your closer. Any flaws of his will be magnified as he's matched up against the best closer in baseball right now, the Phillies' Brad Lidge. When you think "big time playoff closer", Salomon Torres really doesn't come to mind, so we'll see what he can do on the big stage. Assuming he gets that chance of course. If he struggles, the Brewers might be forced to return to Gagne.

4. Eric Gagne

Speaking of our French-Canadian friend, Eric Gagne is going to be called on a lot in this playoffs. Sveum's been using him as his 7th inning guy, but he might be the first one out of the bullpen now that Todd Coffey is no longer eligible to pitch. The pressure is going to be on, and Gagne needs to deliver.

3. Mike Cameron

Before I said that people need to step up, but all that Cameron needs to do is keep things going. He has been a huge addition for the Brewers this year, via the veteran presence, defensive range, and ability to hit the long ball. He'll continue to bat in the lead-off role for the Brewers, and our entire offensive output this postseason is going to start with and go through with Mike Cameron.

2. Jeff Suppan

It looks like Suppan is going to get the start on Saturday, which is thrilling news to nobody. Hey, it'd be great if he could pitch like he did in August, or even when he helped guide the St. Louis Cardinals through the NLCS a few years back. But when it comes down to it, I just have zero confidence in the guy. Prove me wrong, Soup.

1. Corey Hart

Has there been anyone on this Brewers team that has looked more awful over the past month? I mean, just flat out dreadful. Corey Hart looks almost sad when he's up to bat, and it's as if he doesn't even want to be at the plate. How many times has he struck out swinging on a ball thrown away and into the dirt? I bought an All-Star jersey shirt of yours for a reason, Mr. Hart, so please try and validate that purchase for me this week.


Anonymous said...

Great insight on Hart's dreadful batting. What a strike out king! May be we should pinch hit for him, would that send a message?

Chad said...

That first sentence of the Suppan paragraph cracked me up. Nice work. But all I can say right now is "Let's fucking go Brewers!!!"

Edale said...

do you know of any internet radio that will have game besides ESPN radio? or do they have all rights?

Winks said...

I'm surprised Hart has started as much as he did down the stretch. Clearly, he was struggling, so why not give Gwynn a chance for just one day? But then again, we're in the playoffs, so what the hell do I care.


Winks said...

As far as internet radio, it's probably just ESPN. Maybe you can tune in 620 from Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Nice D Bill/Rickie/Cameron

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