Thursday, June 26, 2008

Believe It, the Bucks Made a Good Trade

Was she part of the deal? GDK broke the news for us in our Spain / Russia live blog earlier today (which for a soccer post, was hardly about soccer), that Richard Jefferson will be acquired by the Milwaukee Bucks. No draft picks are involved in the deal, which sends Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons to the Nets. Clearly, the Nets are setting aside cap room for a run at LeBron in 2010 (which I believe they'll pull off). This is one of those trades you don't believe when you first hear it, and I think it was a great day.

Jefferson shores us our weakest position, bringing his 22.7 points per game average with him. Together, Yi and Bobby brought about 16 points per night. Jefferson is also a stud, while Simmons is trash and Yi is a joke. I love this deal.

The only downfall to the trade is that we get rid of the financial benefit Yi brings to the table because of his greatest skill, being Chinese. But let me tell you, I'll buy a Richard Jefferson jersey a lot faster than I would a Yi Jianlian.

In short, best trade we've made in years.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Simmons is trash. Yi is actually a pretty good player, but he's soft. Plus he's a twig.

Richard Jefferson is a solid star forward who's only 28. He'll make almost exactly what Yi & Simmons do combined.

I for one was put off by Yi's tantrum last year because he wanted to play for a bigger market team. So he can go play for Jersey & now we have a gamer, not a crybaby & a $10 million bum.

Anonymous said...

After watching John Hammond work with Joe Dumars, sitting together and talking strategy at every game, it is easy to see that he will build a team in the Pistons mold. The team will return to winning quickly with tough veterans and energetic youngsters.

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