Monday, June 9, 2008

More Former Bucks Finding Coaching Jobs

Perhaps the Bucks started a trend a few weeks ago when they hired Scott Skiles as their new head coach. The move brought Skiles back to Milwaukee, as he had played with the Bucks in the late '80s. After his hiring, it seems like every new hire has lately has had Bucks ties one way or another.

Of course, this weekend came the news that former Bucks coach Terry Porter signed on with the Phoenix Suns, and he was formerly introduced today. Also on Monday came news that former Bucks player Michael Curry will now lead the Pistons. That is all in addition to the reports that have Vinny Del Negro likely to sign on with the Bulls.

It's always cool to see anyone that has stopped in Milwaukee find success, and these guys are no exception. It's just too bad that they've never really had success while they were actually in Milwaukee, as the Bucks haven't been too competitive in the last twenty years. But we wish them the best, and also wonder which current Bucks could someday be head coaches. Gadzuric and Simmons already do a good job of making millions on the sidelines, perhaps they are the strongest candidates.


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