Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brewers Slip Past Toronto

The Crew continued to play well as they beat the Blue Jays 5-4. This was a great game to watch with back and forth offense and just enough good pitching to make it an overall gem.

Russell the Muscle once again flexed his power swing, this now gives him 9 homeruns in 59 at-bats. That is incredible. Mike Cameron continues to be hit or miss, he slammed a big solo shot(11) in the 6th and also had a stolen base(5) but struck out twice.

I realize some fans are discouraged by Cameron's low average and plethora of strike outs that reminds everyone of Jose Hernandez, but 11 homers and 5 sb's in 40 games is a pretty solid contribution. Throw in his usually stellar defense, and you have a big contributor. These current numbers project to 44 Homers and 20 SB's over 162 games. That is huge, reguardless of his K numbers.

Ben Sheets picked up the win, where he wasn't sparkling but got it done. He is now 8-1 on the year with a 2.75 ERA, 1.08 WHIP and 77 K's over 95.1 innings. He has all but locked up an all-star bid with a minute outside shot at a possible start.

Solomon Torres also shined as he pitched 1 and a third innings to pick up the save. I feel completely confident with Torres on the mound, something I haven't felt in the late innings since early last season with CoCo.

The Crew will try for the sweep tomorrow at 1:05 pm. Bush will go up against A.J. Burnett(a man who could be an NL Central pitcher by the trade deadline).

Box Score

TBC's Player of the Game: It's gotta be Mike Cameron. Clutch baserunning, a solo homer, 2 runs scored and 2 RBI's.(AP Photo/Morry Gash)


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