Sunday, June 1, 2008

Series Sweep Puts Brewers Over .500

I love our regular lineup, but there is nothing like the "Let's Throw in All Our Reserves" Sundays. They are fantastic. If the Brewers were going to complete the sweep against the Astros, they were going to have to do so with guys normally used for pinch hitting. Dillon lead off at 2nd, Rivera was behind the plate, then it was Branyan at 3rd, Counsell at short, and Kapler in Center. The end result? A 10-1 Brewers victory, giving the team to a 29-28 record on the season.

A 10-1 result is not what you expect when Dave Bush is on the mound either. Bush followed the trend of late of starting pitchers stepping it up, giving up just 4 hits (and no walks) in seven innings. Tavarez and DeFelice closed out the 8th and the 9th innings, but by then the game was out of reach.

The runs came on ten hits, with four being scored in the 1st inning, and then six being scored in the 4th. Good fortune was on their side in the 1st, with runs scoring off of walks and batters being hit by pitches. The 4th inning brought two two-run shots by Ryan Braun and Russell Branyan.

In this nine game homestand, I was hoping the Brewers would go 6-3. So far, they are 5-1, and will now host the Diamondbacks starting tomorrow. This is a key series against a division leader, and I'd love for them to make it three straight home series victories to close out the homestand.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Ryan Braun. Hitting a home run is clutch enough, but doing so on your bobblehead day guarantees you the honors.

(AP/Morry Gash)


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