Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farewell, Jeff Weaver

Well, that didn't work out. The Brewers have decided to grant Jeff Weaver his release, after he had signed a minor-league contract to play for the Nashville Sounds. The Brewers had until the 15th to either bring him up the majors or let him go.

This was most likely a mutual break-up, as Weaver was struggling and the Brewers had no room for him. McClung was probably the last option before the Brewers summoned Weaver, but Big Red has been pitching well in his starting role. Bush and Parra have picked up the slack as well, and putting Villanueva into the starting linuep again was an option as well. In 9 starts, Weaver went 2-4 with a 6.22 ERA, and was roughed up again pretty badly Wednesday night.

"He hasn't really performed as well as we hoped, and he hoped. We don't really have a spot for him on our staff at the present time," Brewers GM Doug Melvin said of Weaver.

I would have liked to see Weaver stick around and maybe eat some innings, or make an impact, once the September callup season had begun, but it's easy to see why they let him go. Yet, this was a low risk / high reward situation, and while it didn't work out, I hope Melvin looks into more kind of signings like this one.


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