Sunday, June 8, 2008

Porter to the Suns

I still think one of the biggest mistakes the Bucks have made in the past five years is the firing of Terry Porter. The former coach was shipped out of town when Kohl was looking for a bigger name coach to come to Milwaukee. Judging by the hiring of Terry Stotts, it appears that did not happen. The Bucks struggled with "Stotts and Stats" at the helm, and saw no improvement with their next hire, Larry Krystkowiak. And now, as the Bucks have finally found their name coach in Scott Skiles, Porter has found himself again in the head coaching ranks.

Porter has agreed to terms with the Phoenix Suns, after spending the last couple of years as an assistant in Detroit. His name has often been mentioned for the coaching vacancies of late, including a possible return to the Milwaukee Bucks (actually, that was just my wishful thinking). Porter takes over a Suns team that is still trying to mold it's new identity after the trade for Shaq. I'm sure if Porter's hiring will be enough for the Suns to make a trip to the Finals, but I think he is the right guy to lead the changing dynamics of that team.


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