Monday, June 2, 2008

Madden '09 High on Packers, but Hints at Quarterback Controversy

One of the greatest days of the summer is when the rankings for the upcoming edition of Madden comes out. That day is today my friends, as Shutdown Corner has released the overall rankings for all 32 NFL teams for Madden '09. The Packers are ranked at a 91 overall, tops in the NFC North. Teams with better rankings then the Packers are the Patriots (97), Steelers (94), Colts (95), Jaguars (93), Chargers (95), Cowboys (96), and Giants (94). The Packers are tops in the NFC North, followed by the Vikings (90), Bears (80), and Lions (78).

The Quarterback rankings were also released by Sports Gamer, and the list is available here. Most of the talk between Vikings and Packers fans this offseason has rested on which team has the better quarterback, as they are the two teams expected to contend for the North. The Packers win this battle, as Aaron Rodgers has a 83 ranking, while Tarvaris Jackson has a 79. However, Madden also gives Packers backup and rookie Brian Brohm an 80 ranking, possibly hinting at a quarterback controversy. 7th round pick Matt Flynn has earned himself a 72 ranking. As for the cover boy himself, you can play with Favre at a 97 ranking.

I wish the guys behind the Madden system could come up with a way to use their rankings in other areas of life as well. Don't you want to know how you rank with the guy sitting at the desk next to you at work? You could use Madden rankings as a reason to get a raise or a promotion. In my case, I could work hard to boost my Madden ranking for blogging, and use that to get some more/real advertising.


Anonymous said...

why is favre a 97 when all but one other qb is a 99?

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