Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dick Bavetta Might Want This One Back

I've been staying away from this "The NBA is Fixed!" mess because it's never really affected the Bucks, but mainly because I like to think whatever problem the league may have had was solved when Tim Donaghy was suspended (although I do remember a Bucks/Knicks game that had some questionable calls a few years back, keeping the Bucks out of the playoffs). However, I came across this video on Deadspin today (via The World of Issac), and though I'd pass it along.

It does look a little sketchy for Dick Bavetta there, especially the no timeout/5 seconds call.


Anonymous said...

reffing is not easy man. people make mistakes and ref bad games. but you know whats more annoying than shitty refs? whiney conspiracy theorists that are pissed their team lost. people are doing exactly what tim donaghy wants by giving this felon extra attention and credibility. yea yea, refs suck, we get it people, but just beacause your team loses the big game (not just in basketball), it isnt because the commish has millions on the outcome. sometimes i wish there was no sports betting, just to see what other conspiracy people would come up with when their team loses. why are so many sports fans so stupid?

just so you know im not calling you out, just a general rant about idiot fans. are people really listening to donaghy? really?

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