Monday, June 9, 2008

Trade Rumors in the Morning, Disabled List in the Afternoon

Busy day for Rickie Weeks on Monday. Actually, he may have not even gotten out of bed today but he was the subject of both rumors and transactions involving the Brewers today. First, the Wisconsin Sports Rumor Mill was churning after a Ken Rosenthal column which suggested Weeks could be on his way out for Brian Roberts. I could see why the Crew would want a guy like Roberts, he's effective, and he's a veteran, both of which would be useful for a playoff run. But I don't think you give up on a guy like Weeks in a deal like this. Melvin agrees, and I think if anything, this is a PR move by the Orioles to get talks back on with the Cubbies.

Weeks is on the move, however. Only it's to the disabled list. A sprained knee is the culprit which sends Weeks to the 15-day DL. Called up in his place is Hernan Iribarren, who I would assume will see a few starts at second. He's been used as an outfielder also as of late, but I'd see him splitting time with Dillon for the next two weeks. Unless Ned decides to just start Dillon day in and day out. I've seen suggestions that Hall could find himself at 2nd, but I wouldn't imagine the Brewers asking him to switch positions again. Counsell is also a likely candidate for starts.


Anonymous said...

Look at these career numbers and tell me who is who

OBP: .351 SLG: .401
OBP: .352 SLG: .412

Weeks and Roberts are just about the same player right now (I think Weeks has potential to be better than this). Weeks is 5 years younger and under control until 2011. Roberts is a free agent after next season and also costs more. I really see no reason for the Crew to do this move unless we get more back in return. I agree with you something is fishy here, probably just a move to get the Cubbies to cough up more for Roberts.

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