Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Worst Part of Euro '08

I'm falling back in love with soccer after watching these games from Euro '08. The Austria / Croatia match this morning was entertaining, as I was pulling for the host country to upset Croatia. This Germany / Poland game shouldn't be terrible either. However, there is one thing that is bothering me about the coverage of this touranment, and it's not even the fact that the announcers are calling the games from a room in Bristol.

Rather, it's how much I can not stand Julie Foudy. I don't know why, either. She seems like a nice lady. Maybe it's has something to do with her voice, or maybe I'm just sexist.


Paul said...

At least it's not Seamus Mallin... But she does look odd the way she does the direct looks into the camera.

Guess Andy Grey must be a little hard up these days...

Anonymous said...

Euro 2008 is very exciting... Too bad England isn't there to play with Germans or French. On the other hand, may be it's a good thing - less hype from the media about Beckham et. al.
Go France!

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