Sunday, June 22, 2008

How About Some Soccer News?

Let's spin around the globe for some soccer updates, shall we? I'll try to make this quick and painless for all you soccer haters out there. First, the last Quarterfinal game of Euro 2008 was played today, and what a game it was. After 120 minutes, Spain and Italy couldn't separate themselves, so the game went to a shootout, Spain won on PK's, and advanced to the Semis.
So the semifinals look like this:

Wed June 26th, 1:45pm CT - Germany vs. Turkey (ESPN)

Thur June 27th, 1:45pm CT - Russia vs. Spain (ESPN2)

We're already live blogging for the NBA Draft, I'm thinking about live blogging the Russia/Spain match, as well as the Finals on Sunday. I have the day off, so why not, right?

Also, closer to home, the U.S. men's team beat Barbados today 1-0 in Barbados. Not a thrilling performance, but they win the home and home series by a score of 9-0. That means the USA will now advance to the group play stage of World Cup Qualifying. Play starts sometime in August, and the U.S. needs to finish in the top two in the group featuring them, Guatemala, Cuba, and Trinidad & Tobago.

And on a sad note, some punks in Brazil robbed Pele!


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