Friday, June 6, 2008

Who's Ready For Euro '08?

I think these guys would say they are ready for Euro '08, wouldn't you? Of course, Euro '08 is the "World Cup of Europe", and this time around the soccer tournament is being hosted by Austria and Switzerland. I'm not sure what a proper comparison of this event would be for those of us stateside, but perhaps think of it as the NCAA Men's Tournament, only if held every four years.

The tournament starts this Saturday, and all games will be broadcast in the United States. Games will either take place at Noon ET/11am CT or 2:45pm ET/1:45pm CT. The majority of the games appear to be on ESPN2, but some games are also on ESPN Classic (rumored to soon become ESPN3?), ESPN, and even ABC. The full schedule is here.

I know soccer isn't something that fancies every reader at The Bucky Channel, but I love it. I'll check out as many games as I can, and I know ESPN2 will also be rebroadcasting them at night. This event is nearly as intense as the World Cup, so even if you're just a casual soccer fan, I would suggest tuning in.


Tony Brown said...

Any predictions for the winner? I'm going with Portugal. I know it's a trendy pick, but they got a squad.
I'm even busting out the VCR to tape these games when I'm at work.
No England, though, makes it less interesting.

Winks said...

I think Spain, Germany, and Italy are all up there too. For some reason I'm feeling Spain. No facts to back that up, just an inclination.

No England is unfortunate too.

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