Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston Fans Lost Any Right to Complain Last Night

Let's, for a moment, imagine this scenario. Let's say that instead of choking at home in the NFC Championship, the Packers actually beat the Giants and then went on to Super Bowl 42 against the heavily favored New England Patriots. That'd be pretty awesome, right? The Brewers would still be competitive, but the Bucks would still blow, of course.

But then let's say that next year, the Packers have to miss the playoffs. It sucks, but we'll feel a lot better when they win the Super Bowl the following TWO seasons. By the time the Packers won their third Super Bowl in four years, keep in the mind that the Brewers would also have won a World Series. Not only that, but to get there they would beat the Cubs in the NLCS after trailing to them 3 games to 0. And I almost forgot, the Badgers men's basketball team would start that same season 20-0.

Two years would come and go without any titles, but then the Brewers would win yet another World Series, sweeping some upstart team from the American League. The Packers would go 18-0, but then lose the Super Bowl. As much as that would suck, we'd be comforted just four months later as the Bucks would regain their position as the NBA's elite.

Could you even imagine that scenario in which we'd be blessed with 6 major titles in 8 years? That's precisely what Boston fans are going through right now, after the Celtics dominating Game 6 performance to knock off the Lakers 4 games to 2. I mean, what you would give to know that in the next 8 years, the Packers would win 3 Super Bowls, the Brewers 2 World Series, and the Bucks 1 NBA Title. Your car? Your life savings? Your first-born? You'd have to consider it, at the very least.

However, in that span we'd become the most hated group of fans in America, and would have to put up with biweekly columns about Wisconsin from's most admired writer (me?). Actually, I'd welcome that scenario as well.

Four thoughts from the Finals last night:

* I love the raw emotion from Kevin Garnett, both in the on court interview, and in the press conference. I can't imagine a situation in where I'll ever feel that much joy that I be compelled to scream "ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!" at the top of my lungs. I'd love to know that moment.

* Ray Allen. Gotta feel good for the guy. Out of the teams, general managers, and players invovled in the deal that sent him from the Bucks to the Sonics, he's the only one that really found any success afterwards.

* Also, Paul Pierce. Anytime a guy goes through hell with a team, and then is able to bring them a title, that's special.

* Brian Scalabrine.

(h/t Awful Announcing)

Enjoy this Boston. And may we never hear from you again.


Anonymous said...

this is why i hate kg. everyone in the media (and blogs!) applauds him for yelling mother fucker mother fucker mother fucker into the mike after the game because its "raw emotion," and he gets a pass on anything based on the perception that hes this great guy. that interview was joakim noah-esque. he's the nba's equivalent to favre in that respect, and suddenly i can see why so many people hate favre just because how much the media kisses his ass.

garnett is worse, though, because bloggers don't hate on him like they do favre. theyre as bad if not worse than the national media. hopefully bloggers will catch on and the trendy thing to do will be to bash kg in about a year or two, beacuse he's really a gigantic douchebag.

and fuck bill russell. i dont know if you saw that interview with kg and bill that they made up to be sappier than the make a wish segments. russell tells kg he loves him like a son (that he just met) and that if kg didn't win a ring, bill would give him one of his. what the fuck does that even mean? you think kg would want someone elses ring? what the fuck?that segment was worse than deanna favre giving brett's obituary before the denver monday nighter.

kg sucks.

Winks said...

I'm in the majority here, I had no problem with Joakim Noah either. You can't fault a guy for being excited when acheiving his goal, no matter how much of an idiot he looks like at the time.

Anonymous said...

celebration aside, garnett is still a tool and a dick who works hard to make sure people don't know it.

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