Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brewers Lead Sabathia Sweepstakes?

Even though the starting pitching as been throwing well as of late (minus Jeff Suppan's rough outing), the Brewers are still in the market for another starting pitcher. Funny how in Spring Training we couldn't have enough pitching, and now we're looking for help. Guess that's baseball. If the Brewers do trade for a pitcher, I'm expected a Randy Wolf or Greg Maddux type. However, we may be not only in the market for a the biggest prize, C.C. Sabathia, but we might also be the frontrunners for his services (as long as the Indians are sellers, of course).

Buster Olney laid out some potential suitors for C.C. in his Saturday morning post, and if it were a horse race, the favorites would look like this:

1. Milwaukee Brewers
2. Chicago Cubs
3. Los Angeles Dodgers
4. Texas Rangers
5. Boston Red Sox

I don't what exactly we'd give up, but I've read we're more likely to give up guys like Escobar and Jeffress, while trying to hang onto Matt LaPorta and Mat Gamel. As for the trade, I'll believe when I see it, but I would be first in line for a Sabathia jersey t-shirt, I'll tell you that much.

(And if there's any worries about how he'd fare in the National League, he beat the Dodgers tonight, helping his cause with a home run.)


Anonymous said...

Escobar, Gamel, and LaPorta are untouchable. I do not see the Crew giving up one or more of those guys for a rental player no matter how good he is.

Jonk said...

Keep in mind that Sabathia will be a Type A free agent this winter.

That means two compensatory draft picks would be coming the Brewers' way if they acquired Sabathia as a "rental."

That would definitely soften the blow of losing two or three of these prospects.

Jonk said...

By "these" prospects, I don't necessarily mean all three of Escobar, Gamel, and LaPorta.

Surely, though, at least one of them would be involved, if not two.

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