Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Undefeated Season

I have never gone undefeated in anything in my entire life up until today. No matter how good some of the baseball and soccer teams I've been on were, going undefeated is a near impossible task. No matter how good I was at Madden or FIFA, the undefeated season was never in reach. I wasn't even able to accomplish the college dream of going undefeated in a night of beer pong, and running the table all night.

Over the past three months, I've been coaching a U12 soccer team, and today was our end of the season tournament. We won the tourney, and finished the year with a 17-0 record, going undefeated. While this is more of their accomplishment than it is mine, you don't realize how special an undefeated season is until you accomplish it. These players are young, yes, but they were tested and battled through every challenge that came their way.

Part of the reason I rooted so hard for the Patriots in the Super Bowl was because I wanted to see a team go undefeated over the course of a season. Their loss to the underdog Giants showed just hard that task can be. Now I'm not comparing a club spring soccer season to that of the NFL, all I'm saying is that it's a pretty remarkable feat, and I'm quite proud of my boys.

With that said, the 1972 Dolphins are still assholes.


Anonymous said...

this post might set you back two spots on the most influential sports blog list.

Winks said...

I know man, I had to gloat though. Sports and success aren't usually a good combination for me.

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