Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bill Hall Apparently Wants To Be Traded

According to Bill Hall's agent, Terry Bross, the Brewers and Bill Hall would benefit from Bill Hall being traded. JSOnline has the article here.

Not sure who would be trading partners with the Brewers but a few teams could be in the market for a shortstop or third baseman. You would have to think if the Brewers do move Hall they would get a pitcher in return. Guys like Livan Hernandez and Zach Greinke are pitchers that could help out the Crew.

In the end, I really don't see Hall getting traded. I'm sure things will clear up over the next week. Hall should get another chance to show off his skills tomorrow as he should get the start with left-hander Randy Johnson on the mound.

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Jonk said...

Livan Hernandez stinks. And I say this even though I am biased in FAVOR of him (he's a member of my fantasy Strat-o-Matic franchise). The Brewers should want nothing to do with him. They would be better off, no doubt in my mind, with Jeff Weaver. And Weaver sucks, too.

And there's no way the Royals would trade a young, cheap arm like Zach Greinke in exchange for Bill Hall. Hall's current market value is much, much lower than this.

I'm sorry, I genuinely am, but.... I haven't seen trade ideas this silly since Woody Paige's column today at Fire Joe Morgan.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for Bill. Start f-ing hitting then you will play everyday. I know it's a difficult concept that he doesn't understand but it will work.

Anonymous said...

Ha, well Livan is an innings eater with playoff experience. I think he would be better than Jeff Weaver, come on.

And I certainly would expect that we would have to give up two of our prospects in addition to Hall to get Greinke. It was merely a suggestion of some pitchers that were on the market.

Jonk said...

Greinke is not on the market.

Livan's pitching line last night: 6 innings, 13 hits, 5 runs, and just one strikeout. And this is not an isolated incident -- as Twins fan Aaron Gleeman observed on his blog this week, Livan was the fourth worst A.L. starter in May.

No doubt Jeff Weaver could pull off a lousy line like that, and without trading Bill Hall in the process.

Jonk said...

Also, I should note that Livan stunk last year, too. 90 strikeouts and 79 walks in over 200 innings. That is really, really not good.

Anonymous said...

come on jonk, livan hernandez > weaver

Jonk said...

They are both bad. My point is, Livan stinks -- why would you trade for him when similarly poor production is available at AAA for no cost.

Doesn't anybody actually understand how awful Livan Hernandez is?

Anonymous said...

What trade proposals have I thrown out there?

All I said is that Hall wanted to be traded and that pitchers like Livan Hernandez and Greinke are on the market. And Royals management most definately said that they would deal Greinke for the right price.

Even in the post I said Hall wasn't likely to be traded. If a deal we're to be made for Greinke it would most likely have to involve some combination of LaPorta, Hall and some other mid level prospect.

In the end it won't happen so it doesn't matter.

As for Livan, sure he's bad but while he has given up a ton of hits his ERA is still only 4.81 and his k/walk ratio is 25/14. He is much better than Weaver. Thats the only comparison I made.

Jonk said...

Doesn't anybody actually understand how awful Livan Hernandez is?

Thanks to Baseball Reference's split stats, here is Livan over the last 365 days: 34 starts, 207 innings, 282 hits, 57 walks, 77 strikeouts, 5.37 ERA

Seriously, this is a guy who we'd want to acquire in exchange for Bill Hall?! That is crazy.

Jonk said...

Actually, you said "Guys like Livan Hernandez and Zach Greinke are pitchers that could help out the Crew." Greinke certainly could help out the Crew. Hernandez would not.

77 strikeouts in 207 innings is awful, regardless of the few walks he gives up.

I am not advocating the use of Jeff Weaver. He sucks. But, Livan really isn't much better than him, and Livan would cost a lot more, both in salary and having to give up something in trade.

If Livan Hernandez or Jeff Weaver were to be asked to log significant innings for the Brewers this year, the team will be in a lot of trouble.

If Livan Hernandez is the best pitcher out there they could find on the trade market, they are better off doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Again, I don't recall anywhere stating that a Bill Hall for Livan trade would happen.

I simply made two statements. If we were to acquire Livan I would expect more in return. I named two guys that I have noticed being shopped around.

If you want to say that Livan would be a terrible fit for the Brewers fine, I could believe it. If you say Livan is worse than Weaver, I'm not going to by that. But can't argue that some silly trade ideas are being bantered about because I never even offered a trade idea. I never said that Bill Hall would be traded for Livan or Greinke. Or even offered an opinion on it until after you said that I did.

Anonymous said...

Well I will agree that if both Livan and Weaver logged minutes for us we would be in big trouble.

After showing his splits it's evident that his numbers are pretty bad.

Still in the post I just posted a couple players that could help the Brewers, and I didn't mean to infer that Bill Hall would be traded straight up for them. Probably should have been clearer, thats why I'm no journalism major folks.

Jonk said...

I never said Livan was worse than Weaver. I said they are both bad. And if the team were decided to go with a lousy pitcher, why trade for one when there's a perfectly bad one already under their control?

When you say "You would have to think if the Brewers do move Hall they would get a pitcher in return" [agreed]
and follow it with, "Guys like Livan Hernandez and Zach Greinke are pitchers that could help out the Crew,"
that certainly implies Livan-for-Hall or Greinke-for-Hall ideas.

I really don't want to argue. My whole point is that mentioning Livan as somebody who could help the team is a very flawed thought. Luckily, it's very unlikely to happen.

Jonk said...

Is it bad that, until just a few minutes ago, I thought Winks made the original post, not Bear? I need to pay better attention.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that you totally busted me for not looking up anything on Livan and just making a sweeping generalization about the player I thought he was.
Usually I check that stuff, but I saw this last night and just wanted to get the post out. I should have never even added the Greinke, Hernandez part.
Somewhere Buzz is smiling.

Jonk said...

But, in fairness, in my Strat-o-Matic league, I traded for Livan Hernandez last year. So I am kind of a hypocrite.

Bear, I should get you to join that league so I can finally find somebody to take him off my hands.

Anonymous said...

ha, maybe.

Winks said...

Hey guys, what'd I miss?

Anonymous said...

I saw 18 comments on a post and thought you were getting spammed. go bucky channel

Anonymous said...

by the way, ill make it an even 20 by saying that last night when the bill hall story broke, wtmj said something like "bill halls agent says it might be best for both parties if bill is traded" thirty minutes later its "bill hall demands a trade"

i dont know, im sure he does want to be traded, but it seemed like it was blown out of proportion at the time. and if hes going to hit under .050 against righties, he wont be a full time starter anywhere else, either.

Jonk said...

With Zach Greinke winning the AL Cy Young Award today, I couldn't help but remember some sort of Greinke debate on Bucky. A quick search found this post. Good stuff!

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