Thursday, June 12, 2008

Long Ball Leads Brewers over Houston

I've been trying to tell you all season why Minute Maid Park is a joke of a stadium. You can't walk away from this series and not agree with me. Blink, and you missed a home run, as the Brewers took the rubber match 9-6 as they beat the Astros in MLB's best impression of a women's softball diamond.

There were seven home runs between the two teams in Thursday's contest, four of those came off the bats of the Brewers. Cameron, Hart, Fielder, and a pinch hitting Kapler all added to their yearly totals. All but the Kapler home runs were hit in the 2nd, when the Brewers went out to a 5-1 lead.

Like Wednesday night, the Astros kept chipping away at the Brewers lead, only to see the Brewers keep pulling away. Again, no lead is ever safe at Minute Maid, the park where pop flys are 3 run homers.

The Brewers were lead by Ben Sheets off the hill, going his usual seven inning minimum, giving up three runs. Mota and Torres took the final two innings, although gave up three runs between them.

The Brewers will head back to Milwaukee, where they take on the Twins. I'll have a post on that "rivarly" a little later tonight.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Could have been a few people, but I'm going to go with Sheets for holding the Astros to 3 runs, and also striking out 9 batters.

(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)


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